Students with Diabetes is an amazing organization that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of.  I am a little behind on my blogging of experiences, but I will do my best to give a good update. 

It all started will the acceptance to be an SWD intern this summer with a company called EosHealth based out of Houston, TX. With being accepted as an intern we were encouraged to attend the SWD Leadership Academy and SWD National Conference in Tampa, FL.  I have since attended both of these events and let me tell you, they were both amazing! Nicole and the rest of the team at SWD did an amazing job of putting on the events. I already can't wait to back next year! The people that I met at the conference will be a lifelong connection.  I am always amazed at the bond that is created through other people with diabetes that are experiencing the same daily struggles as I am.  It is an instant connection, understanding and support system.  Leaving the conference was a bitter-sweet moment. I was excited for the rest of my summer working with EosHealth but wasn't quite ready to leave my new friends. 

Since the conference, I have started working remotely for EosHealth.  Myself along with three other interns are working with the company through SWD.  Working remotely is a very cool experience.  I have definitely learned that discipline is key.  It is so easy to want to hang out with friends or watch a movie since you are in your own house.  But unfortunately, no work would get done that way.  To make sure that we are staying on track we all hop on webcam meetings, a new experience in itself, and talk about projects and work that needs to get done.  The meetings have increased in the past week or two as the work is starting to pick up.  I am slowly getting more comfortable speaking up in the meetings and voice my opinions. Still a work in progress. 

This first blog is a lot in a nutshell.  I will start to blog more consistently now that we are working on more projects. 

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